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25 December 2006 @ 07:20 pm
so haha, im slow  
merry christmas, ive kinda given up on this thingy cause no one really uses it, i mean they write on here but no one replys or leaves comments to eachother, what has this world come to, and i hate it the most cause i dont get to see you guys at all, so dont be butt-nuggets and leave comments for people gosh! lol, just kidding but ive been so busy with work and stuff that i keep forgetting what the date is and stuff, and me being on break doesnt help either........no laughinig at me, ill kill you, and for anyone who cares, i havea somone whos very interusted in me, and im thinkinking we may become lovers soon...cause i like him back, wanna know about him? just ask...lol