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16 November 2006 @ 05:08 pm

pguess who also has a job now? me and ashley are twins, no we dont work in the same place but we both got jobs! i work at blaine burger king. im starting sometime next week, cause she wants to get a copy of everything i have tomorrow, so then we be all good! yay!, then ashley and i can move in together sooner! woop woop


except my first priority is to get jackis car before i move out of here, so i have to save up 2000 dollars, which will not be hard since i dont really have to spend money on anything here, im pretty much taken care of!

today we ordered our graduation stuff, so i got all the normal cap and gown, invitation crap, but i also got this really pimping spinner necklace that is on like a tire rim and it has 07 on it in all dimonds and its a spinner! haha, makes me happy. i also got a tassel wich made me think i need a car sooner to put it in, and i got a hoodie and a "perfect senior" tee and a key chain with all my stuff. so it pretty much makes me feel releaved like the school year is almost over, yay us!


woop woop woot woot

11 November 2006 @ 12:57 pm

it may not be my own house, but its a place i can call my own. we moved me out of laurens room and into my own room. best thing that has happened in a long time to me. i needed room to breathe and now i have it. yaya!. im sorry i didnt bring those cup things to you tessa, we kinda stayed at melissas and didnt go anywhere acuse we were all pretty tired. i hope ericas peotry slam thing went well for you and pearl and miss holly. and i hope movie night was good to! lol. i think im pretty much mad at myself right now, i dont really like who i am right now. my old friends no longer like me or talk to me because ive "changed" i wanna change back damnit.

07 November 2006 @ 03:49 pm
pretty much nothing really new going on here. tessa if you read this, i think im going to cancel on "movie" night, cause im pretty sure im going to my dads and it will give me a chance to get some money, sorry hon, but you know i love you, and your face! busy with school, wanting to kill people and being freaking bored is all thats going on here. But i hope all is well with you guys, let me know.
29 October 2006 @ 01:31 pm

we had our halloween party last night and i had pretty much no fun at all. it was lauren and zain, austin, alex and kiwi in one room and me kelsey, joey and melissa in another. I hated it. i kinda flet like zain adn them didnt want to hang out wiht me and it was annoying cause they know i love them. They were being butt-faces. But its okay, they aere coming over next weekend and we are having another one. I just wont invite friends this time because them i can say that i am hanging out with zain and them too and they have to share.....so there....

27 October 2006 @ 10:49 pm
so i went to a footbal game and hung out with a bunch of my guy friends it was pretty chill, but i kept thinking about scotty all night cause tonight is his little halloween thingy, im very upset i didnt get to go, then he tried pulling this little thing on me when i asked him how things were going he replied saying "i have a girlfriend now" which freaked the hell out of me, so if that was his test to see if i actually liked him, i think i passed. I actually almost started crying, til he said he was kidding. little punk. god.....but i love that kid. tomorrow is my halloween party......kind of excited but its gunna be pretty lame i think, oh well. and im just taking a second to talk about ashley and say that im thinking about ehr and her family and that im sorry about her grandma.... i love you honey!. hmmm.....well yes, i had a good time tonight as i said and hope that this VERY swwet party im going to in 2 weeks will be kick ass. cause we gunna get crunk...well actually i doubt im going to but still, it shall be entertaining to watch others be dumb while drinking....if scotty could find a way here, that would be so tight, cause he would even have a place to stay, that would rock........well he'd have to sleep with me...in a non-sexual way, god you sick bastards...but we will see how plans go for the party, cause we all have to pitch in 5 $ or bring our own bottle or beer...which i do not have access to, so oh well.....and there is no way i have 5 $ laying around.....peace out guys!
<3 kerri
26 October 2006 @ 05:12 pm
well i ahve been sick for a little bit now,and i dont like it at all. I have the sniffles.....oh well i hope i get better soon. Ive been working on the senior project, and i guess attemping to make things lslightly better between me and my mom. Not like im going back home or anything cause i wont. i hope everyone else is doing well. alot of you dont really tlak to me anymore. Ive decided i like country. alex has gotten me to like it alot more since he always listens to it. Hes a pretty cool kid. I asked him to come over but hes "to busy" working out and stuff right now. oh well, some other time i guess. Hi scotty, if someone haves you read this, someone always does i guess.....well hope you all are good! love you all!
08 October 2006 @ 11:33 am

ummmm work...well its freakin work, but today is my last day and im kinda sad. i love it there and i dont want to leave, but lyle told me i had a spot there for when i turned 18, so i guess its not so bad. im going to go get my nose pierced on friday for homecoming and my bank is gay. they are not openon sunday! they shall die! a very gory and painful death cause i owe joey gas money for driving me to work all weekend....joeys awsome, i love that kid..and melissa..shes pretty kick ass herself. we went to birchbay and they threw firecrackers out the window at people...it was very funny..then we went to ferndale mcdonalds and asked for hotfudge sundays and to "hold the nuts". im pretty sure we pissed them off :) oh well
<3 kerri

25 September 2006 @ 12:31 pm
busy busy busy..but jacki and i are going out to dinner tomorrow night (yes my sister) and im so excited...shes moving which is sad cause im really gunna miss her, that just means i need to go to floridafor a vacation! yay!.....lets see...work was so busy last night cause the gay border peple walked off the job because of a guy with a gun and they were scared...pussy's...lame ass's..anyways...so we had a bus of canadian azn's come in and it was crazy! omg...we were fucking packed for 2 hours straight..all the way to the door..it was nuts....crazy canadians..dont ever ask for onion rings again...and its not called chicken sauce..its called mayo! get it right..oh well....mucho loves to all
19 September 2006 @ 06:33 pm
k so im gunna start writting in here agina since i noticed everyone else does to..so why not......im on myspace more often but like any of you talk to me on there sillies! :) but i love you all..how have you all been.......and to kaya......i love you woman....im sad i dont get to see you anymore...i miss your smiling face woman
12 June 2006 @ 08:31 am
teal millages daddy (clay) died yesterday morning........poor guy.....i miss you and your sweetness clay....its to bad you had to go..but your not in pain anymore......